How to send or transfer money to someone through phone number

In the days of old and before the advancement in technology, whenever people wish to send money to their loved ones, they would have to visit the bank, join a long queue, fill a teller before they are able to.

But these days, transferring money is now made easy. In the comfort of your home without having to leave your house or office, you can send money to others.

With the GTB *737# code, this can be made possible. How?

By doing the following:

On your phone, dial *737*3*the amount you wish to send*the phone number of the person you are sending the money to#

For example, *737*3*5000*08033791205#

After doing this, you will be asked to input your four digit code after which the transaction would be successful.

What makes using this code special?

  • The person you are transferring money to doesn't necessarily need to have a GTB account because they would receive a text message with a code for withdrawal which they can use on any GTB ATM anywhere.
  • This transfer method saves time, energy and makes life easy for you

So as long as you have a mobile phone and an account with GTB, you can send money to people wherever you are using their phone number.

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