Retired English Teacher Corrects a White House Letter and Sends It Back

edited Monday 28 May 2018 in General

Yvonne Mason had written to Trump in the wake of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting, asking him to meet with the families of the victims and questioning him about school safety.

The former Mauldin High School English teacher says that the letter she received his response, dated May 3, was full of grammatical errors.

'When you get letters from the highest level of government, you expect them to be at least mechanically correct,' Mason told the Greenville News.

Mason, who lives in Atlanta and was a teacher for 17 years, posted a photo of the letter, printed on White House stationary and bearing President Trump's signature, on which she has made her numerous corrections including incorrect capitalisation of word such as “President” and “State”.

'Have y'all tried grammar style check?' she wrote across the top of the note.

In the top left corner: “Have y’all tried grammar & style check?”

At the top right: “Federal is capitalized only when used as part of a proper noun e.g. the names of agency, if referring to the Federal Government, both words are capitalised.”

And toward the bottom: “OMG this is WRONG!” cf:

The letter, dated May 3 and printed on White House stationery, was addressed to Yvonne Mason, 61  who retired last year but hadn’t quite left “grading-paper mode,” she said on Sunday.

She snapped a picture, posted the letter on Facebook and mailed it back to the White House.

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