Nigerian Aminat and American Justin McClure celebrate family mixed heritage

edited Thursday 21 June 2018 in Family

We have seen family portrait but this one looked a bit different and more inspiring. Why are people clicking the like button more than most?

Many multi-cultured families may be hidden from the public limelight but the American couple Aminat and Justin McClure has shared their photo on Instagram and on Facebook to celebrate their family's mixed heritage, prompting thousands of people to share their own stories about growing up in dual families. ?

The couple, who live in New Jersey, US, posed with their three children in West African-inspired outfits to honour Aminat's Nigerian heritage. She left Lagos, in south west Nigeria, when her family moved to the US when she was little.

The clothes were made by Cameroonian designer Claude Kameni, who contacted the family offering to design their outfits.

The photograph brought back memories to one woman of her parents' mixed culture marriage.

"My mum is white, married to a Nigerian man and she wears Nigerian dresses occasionally. She embraces his culture so much she even learnt to cook his favourite Nigerian dishes and learnt how to speak his dialect," commented Angela Ansaldi.

Stephanie Manning Reifsnyder:”I’m kinda proud of myself for knowing who is who now (without cheating) based on their expressions.”

Carolyn Creary:” I will not bother to say how much I love these two little girls. Just know that Canada loves them!”

Francine Fields:” They are so beautiful You Oughta bring them to Twinsburg August 3rd 4th and 5th Twinsburg Ohio.”

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